Sunday, June 5, 2016

Letter to the Editor Curry Coastal Pilot

Dear Editor:

Reading your article about Sudden Oak Death in the last issue, I was struck by the similarity to two other major agricultural crises mankind is facing--Bee Colony Collapse Disorder and Panama Disease, which affects bananas.

All three crises are caused by a fungus attacking and destroying a particular species, either plant or animal, and the demise of that species will seriously affect mankind's food supply and/or economic foundation.

There have been scientific studies that prove that plants and animals respond to people's emotions. Fungi do, too. Mankind has entered into a time period when there is a great deal of fear and anger spreading across the planet, and the fungi are spreading, too.

Mankind simply cannot continue to survive if we insist upon getting revenge on others, by waging war, and by acts of intolerance that are oppressive to others. Each one of us plays a very important part in how our future unfolds.