Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How to solve a humanitarian crisis

The Universe has three levels, which are called the Father, Mother and Son concepts, or the Principles, the Power and the Project levels.

If you look at the game of Baseball, for example, you have the overview concept of baseball--the game including the rules, the teams that apply the rules, and a game that is played on a certain day.

If you leave out one concept, you can't solve the problems.

If a government has no interest in upholding the rights of the people, sending in humanitarian aid doesn't work. It is undermined. The aid, including arms and food, can be stolen and turned over to the elite to sell on the Black Market, for example. You can be sending in billions of dollars worth of aid, and every penny is turned against you. By leaving out the voice of the people, you leave them no choice but to be decimated or to flee, and where do they go? They can be enslaved by one government and turned into an army, like ISIS, sent to other nations, and you do the slaughtering.

Fighting ISIS won't work, because ISIS comes from the Son level that can be supported by the Father, the Mother or the Son levels. If the people are rebelling, they have been dragged into the conflict as part of a genocide, which is based on weaving an illusion, and you cannot overcome the illusion, because not only are you in the reactive mode, those who weave the illusion are many steps ahead of you.

The solution is always the international government because it turns the attention of the governments back into the country to support the people. The power a nation has is based on its population in the international House of Representatives. Participation in the international government offers the world leaders the opportunity to function equal to other world leaders, a total of ten benefits, including the opportunity for the international government to come into their nation and to advise the government on its natural resources, including resources that are being overlooked.

For a government to work with the Mother level, and to leave out the voice of the people, there is no guarantee their plan goes up, down or straight ahead. The contractors in Iraq sometimes got into trouble because they played the power games, too, rather than just offering support. If their plan does not stand on the root cause of the crisis, the plan will fail.

To solve a humanitarian crisis, the solution is to turn it over to the international government, which functions on a higher level than any existing government institution. They understand how to solve the problems, and you also keep an open dialogue with the people, including enabling one individual to take an unfair law or practice all the way to the International Supreme Court. You make it possible for one individual to be upwardly mobile to the extent that the "cream rises to the top." People who have been in crisis, and have created successful plans to overcome any crisis, will become the proverbial cream.

If people are left to live their lives without interference, we can solve our own problems. There are seven power games that people play, and governments generally play five of them, which come together as acts of revenge. The act of revenge against Saddam Hussein is based on war, genocide, massacres based on the game of Greed, enslavement and terrorism. Conflicts start with acts of intolerance, which spiral down.

You don't fight ISIS to end the conflict. You don't degrade and destroy. You offer the entire planet the opportunity to function on a higher level, and you draw the entire planet to your side, starting with the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees to every American the rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."