Friday, September 30, 2016

Refining the battle over the plan

The principles our organization stands on creates a framework based on the cooperation of nature that allows everyone to function on a higher level. It is the Father concept of the planet that pegs us at a very high level. The potential we have. 

While many people believe nature is based on a dog-eat-dog mentality, the survival of the fittest, nature is based on the principles of cooperation, where every part has a sense of abundance. If you take one seed, after several generations, you can have an entire field, and the farmer can eat some and sell some, and make enough money to buy more land, and to take it to the higher level. 

A constitution creates a government, and is the Father concept that allows that constituency to function on a higher level. The Constitution must evolve as the people evolve. 

The Mother concept is the direction you go from that point. Will the farmer eat all the seeds and then starve, or eat some and keep some to replant the field? 

If you put the U.S. Constitution into every nation, at the end of 100 years, there will be 200 different legal systems that have evolved from it. 

As the plan for the international government has been debated, there have been people who see it as the solution to all the crises we are facing and our chance to function on a higher level, there have been people who resist the change because they rely on the old structure for their security and support, and there are those who are trying to subvert the plan for the international government for their own benefit. This is also their opportunity to get their life on a higher level, but that does not mean they can get their life on a higher level because they are grabbing for power. They don't understand the principles. No one can convince them that what they are doing won't work. They must hit the point where their power games fail before they let go of them. 

If the plan benefits everyone, eventually everyone will see the benefits, but we don't have to wait for them to see the benefits of the plan.

We can assume they have already agreed to the plan, and it will take some time before they see how it can.

The first idea that is being addressed and being allowed to permeate is where true power comes from. 

We are looking at the plan and the counterpoint idea, and that is conflict resolution.

President Obama has opened the plan to debate, and many people like the plan, but how can he end the conflicts? The solution is to turn inside the country and demonstrate the potential of the plan to solve the problems here. The United States are one step ahead of the rest of the planet because we know how the Constitution works. 

If there are disputes all around the world, we can assume that they demonstrate the need for the creation of the international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield. 

The international legislative branch does not yet exist to create laws, so the Father concept is that the international legal system will be based on Universal Law, to which every person on the planet has been exposed. Not everyone understands how it affects them, but they have not yet faced the backlashes from the power games they are playing.

The framework exists. All nature is based on it, and it is mankind's nature that we are addressing. We can take the seed and create a field and a sense of abundance for all, or we can starve. It is up to us what future we create. 

If the Father concept is Universal Law, the application of that is the international government, and it will decide whether we work together to solve the problems, we ignore the problems and pass them off to future generations, or every tries to control the international government and grab for power.

The games are oppressive to the people. Our proposals and planning are offered to the nations, and what they do with them is up to the governments. The power a nation has is derived by the people, and any government that is oppressive to its people will eventually face rebellion. 

With each conflict that arises, there is the potential there for one individual or organization to come up with a plan to solve the crisis. We are looking at the international laws that will be written. Our organization has established the framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, but it is not up to us to create the laws that do into it. 

The battles over the plan will eventually be played out in the debates over the bills that are written for the international legislative branch to debate.