Sunday, September 25, 2016

Where Are We Now?

To create the life you want, like going on a journey, you must know where you are, where you are going, and how to get there.

Where we are now is the plan for the international government has been opened to debate by the world leaders, but no one knows how to make it come about. People in 85 nations support the plan for the international government, and so the plan has passed cultural review, and therefore is a viable alternative to the existing institutions, which are still very strong, but have proven they cannot end or prevent wars. As the majority of people still hold onto the existing structures, the plan for the international government must be rising in power to take their places as they fail.

Many people are watching the U.S. presidential election, wondering if Clinton or Trump will win and whether they will support the plan for the international government. It makes no difference whether they do or not, because world peace comes from the people, not the governments. In the United States, it is a Constitutional Amendment process, and the president has no real say in the outcome. As it becomes apparent that their foreign policy won't work, and it makes the crises worse, they must turn responsibility over to our organization. The power a government has is derived by the people.

Our first focus is on the Exit Strategy for Iraq, which involves the ideology of where true power comes from. People (and nations) get into trouble by equating ideas, such as power and military might. America should know better, because our independence from England was based on a small untrained army against the combined might of the English army and the Hessians. And, because the Coalition nations during the Iraq War could not stop the Iraqi insurgency, who fought with weapons they made in their kitchens.

The rise of ISIS--violent extremism--is like a mob scene, with people fighting. The global genocide is starting to tear apart the people, drawing more and more people into the fight. To end a mob scene, one person stands up and declares "this is not right," and walks away. It creates a question in the mind of those around him, and one by one it collapses the battle.

Within our organization, everyone knows about the plan for the international government, but everyone is fighting, like the mob scene. The illusion is very strong. The darkness is profound. The bullies who equate power and brutality have taken control and have woven an illusion that prevents the next family from coming into the framework based on the cooperation of nature. Many people equate power and money, and they have turned their lives over to those who have the money, or are getting revenge on others because they believe the lies. This has log-jammed everyone and many people don't see any opportunity to function on a higher level.

This is a dilemma, and the solution to every dilemma is to do what is in everyone's best interest.

In the battle of ideologies, no one is in agreement with one individual becoming supreme leader of the planet. The only thing people will agree to is a plan that benefits everyone and treats everyone fairly and equally. But, those who wish to become supreme leader will do everything they can to postpone or to stop the rise of the plan that benefits everyone, including themselves. Their plan backfires on them. They lose power on the international level.

Any existing institution, law or practice that does not treat everyone fairly and equally will eventually fail. Something must be rising to take its place. At the same time, what is rising must stand on the principles of fairness and equality.

No one really sees yet that what they are doing isn't working. People are grabbing for power. There has been not only a battle over the caliphate and the plan for the international government, but also within the plan for the international government. The battle of the plan transitions into the next step, and that is the battle over technology--which relates to the planning process, or the application of the plan.

The transition from the battle over the plan to the battle over technology implies that everyone agrees to the plan for the international government, but then we must deal with "the dance," which is opposing concepts. This is something we are looking at in the Faith of the Pure Ray. Opposite sides of the planning circle have similar characteristics. If you focus on technology, you must also address conflict resolution. Will technology be used as a weapon or a tool?

This is occurring with the battle over the plan, also, but based on the principles of Universal Law. Will you use it as a tool to enable you to get the life you want, or will you face the backlashes?

Where we are going is the creation of an international government that treats everyone fairly and equally, and how we get their is the long line of proposals based on the planning process. Mankind will transition out of war-based thinking into peace-based thinking as people walk away from the mob scene.