Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Light is coming back into the world

The plan for the international government was first introduced in a channeled book by an seventh dimensional entity by the name of Seth, who is famous for his books through Jane Roberts. Together, they channeled books that are considered classics of spirituality, which teach that each of us creates our own reality. Their books were sold to serious students of spirituality, and they sold over 7 million books. Jane Roberts died in the 1980s, and now he is returning to teach how to create the life you want to anyone who is interested in learning how to do so.

Seth doesn't tell anyone what to do, but explains how to do it. What we create is up to us.

The international government functions on three levels. It is the primary example of the principles of creativity as the entire planet comes together to create the life we all want, it will guarantee to everyone the right to create their life without interference, and it will support the people to be creative as we apply the principles in our own lives.

The principles our organization stands on creates a framework of projects, and eventually every person on the planet will be part of the framework, which is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature.

"A Manual for Peace" was channeled in 1999, and in it, Seth explains that world peace can come now because a majority of the people have prayed for peace, and so it can come. He prophesies that during the time period between January 2008 to December of 2012, all the cycles lined up, and because change only occurs easily at the beginning and the end of a cycle, this is a time of great changes. We must be flexible to make it through this time of change, because by holding onto the old structure, this is a time of great fears. This is a time when everyone is facing a spiritual test, that of applying the principles in our own life.

The first people to come into the organization are the channels, but also the professional publishing team. Each member of the team has years of experience with Seth, so now the idea is that everyone must work together to shift from the old concepts of spirituality to the new. The old structure still exists, but now it is possible to bring into the spiritual movement every person on the planet, because this is something that everyone on the planet wants.

Jesus of Nazareth is known as the Prince of Peace, and he talked about overcoming death, that "all this and more you can do." Those who asked why made the effort to do deeper into the teachings found the answers while the rest of humanity continued on thinking they were getting the life they want until the reached their end of life crisis and suddenly realized that they couldn't get the life they wanted, and so they died or started to ask why and someone who had already overcome their same crisis demonstrated the process.

This is a time of great Darkness as mankind is facing this profound spiritual test. Even the spiritual teachers are going through the test as people are being squeezed to let go of the old and to come into the new. But, there is nothing new here. These are ancient teachings that are now just being reintroduced.

This is a plan, and Christianity teaches the principles of Creativity, the first step of the planning process. Mankind is learning to apply the principles that the spiritual teachers, like Jesus, in our own lives. Each came to introduce the principles of their religions to their own cultures, and now the principles are expanding to include every person on the planet.