Thursday, September 1, 2016

Open the door to Iran? Not yet.

The plan for the international government opened the door to Iran and Cuba, and agreements have been made, but the United States has not yet agreed to  participate in the creation of the proposed international government. Participation in the plan comes by invitation from the people, when the people demand it from their government. The United States must agree to amend our Constitution, and so everyone must see the benefits of the plan.

The plan has been opened to debate, but no one has actually committed to the plan. There is the understanding that there is a way out of the crisis--a way to function on a higher level-- but people must first understand the root cause of the crisis. What got us into the crisis in the first place? Then we must all assume responsibility for our own part in the crisis, agree to the plan, then we must start the long walk out of the abyss.

The planning and proposals are lined up in such a way that each crisis and issue must be addressed, like laying the foundation for a building. They go from the most general to the specific. We must first address the conflict that is the worst case scenario for the planet--the global genocide.

How many people see the planet facing a global genocide? The dictionary definition of a genocide is ethnic cleansing. How does that apply to Iraq? It is still a dark cloud on the horizon, and only those who recognize the games see the cloud. Once people who are responsible for ending it realize the existing structure doesn't have the capacity to end the global genocide, then they will start looking at all the plans, and agree to the one that is already solving the crisis.

Iran and Cuba are not included in the first eight proposals. The first eight nations all fell into chaos because of a sense of judgment, so we must first look at whether anyone has the right to judge another.

How many nations and how many people judged Saddam Hussein to be Axis of Evil, and declared the world to be better off without him? There were no WMD found. He was therefore attempting to comply with UN sanctions. This judgment goes against Universal Law and the commandment that "thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor." This sense of judgment led to acts of revenge, which triggered th global genocide. How can that be swept under the proverbial rug?

To not see the cloud on the horizon, and to ignore the crisis as the storm is almost upon us is to demonstrate that you are not part of the solution. To deny others their opportunity to rise out of their crisis by refusing to agree to the plan that benefits everyone is a demonstration that you are functioning only for your own interests. You have no power and so you are grabbing for power.

Iran is a technological nation, and is grabbing for power. Before they come into the plan, that nation must address issues related to conflict resolution.