Thursday, February 2, 2017

The road to hell is paved with what appear to be good intentions

The plan for the international government was opened to debate, and the world leaders took the idea and ran with it, but they do not understand the plan. The plan has opened doors between Iran and the United States, and Cuba and the United States, but the world leaders don't understand the principles.

If they understood the principles, they wouldn't be doing what they are doing

This morning, President Trump is dealing with conflict in Yemen and facing down Iran.  Is Iran the villain and Yemen the victim? Why are they actually fighting? Is a military response the solution? How will our interference affect the region? Are Trump's good intentions putting everyone on the road to hell?

During the Yemeni uprising against President Saleh, the people who were protesting asked the United States not to interfere. The same thing occurred in Syria. Yet the United States sent in drones, and civilians were killed, and mission creep is dragging more U.S. soldiers into the conflict and into harm's way.

The solution has always been to do what is in everyone's best interest, which is to stand up and declare one's intentions to support the plan for the international government, but instead, everyone has put their own interests first. People say, "It is in no one's best interest to allow that "dirty rotten scoundrel to tear apart the planet, so we will send in our armies!" Genocides start with the belief that you have been victimized.

The planet is going through a global genocide, which is based on weaving an illusion, and ripples of effects have gone out from the Grand Lie to draw in every person on the planet. Imagine what occurs with character defamation, how the lies are twisted and turned to frame the person who is being defamed. People assumed the world was better off without Saddam Hussein and even cheered when he was hanged, but he had been an ally of the United States during the most the Iran/Iraq War, and his death made the solution to the crisis must harder to achieve. 

Our organization is working to undo failed U.S. foreign policy that has gotten us into quagmires because U.S. foreign policy, generally speaking, is based on power games. Even our diplomacy is a power game, because it puts U.S. interests first instead of what is in everyone's best interest. The games seem to work, but there is always a backlash to the games. It just takes time for the backlash to occur, so no one makes the connection that the games don't work.  

The entire planet is going through what is known as the Battles of Armageddon, which start when one individual stands on the principles and the choice he or she makes affects the security and support of another, who goes down into power games. The United States is experiencing Armageddon between the Republicans and the Democrats, and our nation is devolving into a genocide. The Battles started on a global basis when Saddam Hussein protested that the U.S. sanctions were killing 500,000 Iraqi children, and it threatened the security and support of George W. Bush. That response started the global genocide.

Genocides are based on weaving an illusion, and this is a time of great Darkness for the entire planet. The final step of the genocide is when the perpetrators believe they have been victimized, and it all stops when someone stands up and says "Stop."

The plan for the international government and the principles it stands on allows mankind to rise out of this time of crisis. We are facing the worst case scenario for the planet, but if you know the root cause of the crisis, with the planning process you can rise out of it. The root cause of this global crisis is the power games, known as the Seven Deadly Sins, and the planning process is posted online, known as Track Our Progress.

Under the plan for the international government, no president will have the right to interfere in another nation, and disputes between nations will be handled in a local court system, which will function on a continental basis. Nations in one continent have similar cultures and histories, and their economies are based on long standing trade agreements. Therefore, the dispute between Iraq and the United States to end the Iraq War would not actually be handled in a Local Court, but a Superior Court, because the nations are from two different continents.