Saturday, April 29, 2017

100 Days of Major Global Changes

Today in the United States, Donald Trump looks back over his first 100 days to assess his progress as president. There is also a response from the Democrats and from the media. People all over the world are watching what appears to be a major shift in the Washington DC political arena. 

Changes are expected when anyone is elected to an office. Sometimes changes are extreme, but what is remarkable now is this same shift to the ultra-right is occurring in many other nations, also. 

As the existing structure has proven to be unable to end or prevent wars, this put mankind on a slippery slope, a slow slide, and then when the majority of the people realize the dilemma mankind is facing, we will hit the edge of the abyss. The alternative is for one individual to maneuver his or her way to the top, and then to great a global empire, which is in no one's best interest, and therefore will lead to a global conflict. 

While this dilemma has been occurring, putting many people into circular thinking, what has become apparent is that neither option is tenable, and that there is the need for a solution that benefits everyone, and treats people fairly and equally. 

As the last 100 days unfolded, our organization has continued to make slow progress. 

If you are an entrepreneur, when you see the proverbial dark cloud on the horizon, you create a project based on your talents and gifts and experience to solve the problem. You enter the cloud and then move forward through the crisis, keeping on course. It takes another individual to see the that the existing structure is not working, and then start looking for alternative plans.  People start looking for plans, and then decide which one it will be. Your project must be in existence for it to be accepted, even if it is on a very elementary level. Then, you must stand up and talk about it, and explain how to benefits everyone. Then, everyone works together to bring it about. 

At this point, no one has said Stop to what is occurring out in the world. It takes just one person to bring the idea into mainstream thinking, and collapse the existing structure. 

Everyone has a problem, and everyone has a solution, and the trick is to bring them together.