Wednesday, April 19, 2017

World Peace on the Individual Level

We are all citizens of the Universe, and under Universal Law, we are granted by our Creator our inalienable rights to live our lives without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in our government, but the power games that governments play are oppressive to the people, and prevent us from enjoying these rights.

Under Universal Law, when you prevent another person enjoying their inalienable rights, you lose your own rights, so the end result is that the oppressor is fighting the Universe. The ultimate conclusion of playing the power games, which go against Universal Law, is that you lose your power.

On the individual level, we must learn how to overcome all the oppression and intolerance that has led us to the point where we believe we cannot get our life. We must be rising in power while the oppressors are falling in power. Everyone plays the games. The games are bad, not the people, so it is all a matter where there is no judgment against us, but more that the mankind just never reaches his full potential.

World peace requires every person on the planet to live the life they were born to live. Until this time, spiritual teachers have taught that each of us creates our own reality, but now the message is changing to how to create the life you want. It is time to reintroduce the knowledge base related to creativity, which is something that will reunify the entire planet.

World peace requires the active participation of every person on the planet, but on the individual level, that is to fulfill their purpose in life--to reach their full potential. When we rely on the power games to help us get our life, eventually we reach the point of understanding that the games don't work, and if we don't step away from the games and learn how to use the tools of creativity, that is when people die.

You can't change what someone believes. Unfortunately, once we reach a certain point in the games, gentle guidance won't get us back on track to our goal, and we must reach the point where we face our end of life crisis. The games must reach their ultimate conclusion.

When one person is facing his or her end of life crisis, it is a difficult time, but imagine that now all the power games are reaching their ultimate conclusion at the same time. It is a difficult test for the entire planet.

The government proposal involves taking disputes between nations off the battlefield and putting them into courts where they belong, and the first step in creating the proposal is to bring in the professional publishing team to help disseminate the information on how to create the life you want. They are responsible for helping to disseminate the information on the fact that you create your own reality, but now it is time to take the teachings to the higher level, how to create the life you want. Then, it is up to each of us how we apply that information in our own lives.