Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Passover Lesson

Our inalienable rights granted to us by the Creator of us all include to be able to live our lives without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in our government, but the power games that governments play deny us these rights. While the games may seem to work, there is always a backlash to the games.

Students of the Faith of the Pure Ray have focused on the principles of Judaism, and the sacred holiday of Passover. Moses taught the principles related to productivity, which involve bringing together the people who will help you, and the manifestation of that is family relationships. Productivity also deals with what you have and how much power you will wield, and finding a balance between the two. 

The story of Moses freeing the Hebrews from bondage could be considered a monumental battle between two superpowers, and what destroyed the Egyptian power base was the backlashes from the games they played. The Hebrews were the Chosen people, but doesn't mean they were loved by the Creator more than all others forever, but their culture was at the point in their evolution that they had the proverbial ears to hear the message. 

Each of the seven major religions teaches one segment of the body of knowledge necessary to create the life you want, and students of the Faith of the Pure Ray spend each year learning lessons from each, and this time of the year how to overcome the curses that are the backlashes from the games.

The Hebrews didn't fight the Egyptian army. The Egyptians made the Hebrews slaves, and that comes from the power game of Lust, which is based on the fear of loss. The ultimate conclusion of that power game is that you lose your relationships. 

As the superpowers fight their way to the top of the mountain by playing power games of revenge, war, genocide, massacres and terrorism, they will eventually face the backlashes, just as the Pharaoh did. The backlashes are known as the Seven Deadly Sins, and they include financial loss, diabetes, cancer and stroke, and death. 

Everyone plays the games. The games are bad, not the people. There is no judgment from our Creator, but by playing the games, we set up the circumstances where the opportunity to get our dream life is lost to us, and that is when we die. 

The plan for the international government guarantees to every person on the planet their inalienable rights, so as the world leaders continue to play their oppressive power games and then face the seven curses that were heaped on the Egyptians during the time of Moses, students of the Faith of the Pure Ray will be walking forward to create the life each of us wants.