Friday, April 21, 2017

World Peace Plan: Earth Day

One of the rights we have is to live in a pristine environment. Today, people all over the world are directing their collective energies on solutions that enable future generations to live in that perfect world. 

People are protesting unfair practices that tear apart the environment. Unfortunately, that is not enough to encourage the world leaders to set aside their personal agendas. When you stand in protest, your voice will not be regarded unless you can offer a solution that enables everyone to function on a higher level. 

The Earth is a closed ecosystem, and what occurs in one place affects the entire planet, so the environment must come under the auspices of a global institution with the power and capacity to resolve environmental issues. The existing structure has proven to be political, and so issues are not resolved. The only institution with the capacity to solve the problems is the proposed international government. 

Its Department of the Environment will work with the other departments to ensure the environment will stay in its pristine condition.

Today is Earth Day, and the focus is on what can be done today, but unless it is the start of a movement, what lasting impact can any efforts achieve? There is one thing you can do today. You can become an affiliate member of our organization. You can add your name to the growing list of affiliate members, and join the debate on the plan for the international government.