Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Spinning off to bring in the technology segment

We have been looking at the plan for the international government, and the battle over the plan. Mankind has three choices, to go up, down or straight ahead. As the United States addresses the Exit Strategy for Iraq and the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal, the plan spins off to the application of the plan, which starts the battle over technology.

Those who have battled over the plan, putting themselves first, are proving they are not standing on the principles of the plan, so they are taking a step backwards to claim control over the innovative inventions.

The United States must amend our constitution to participate in the plan for world peace, and it takes a while to do that. The technology segment brings in nations like Iran, which is working to build its nuclear power capacity, and on the opposite side of the planning circle is conflict resolution.

The battle over technology will involve overcoming resistance from those who rely on existing technology, or wish to control the innovative projects that are being introduced. The Exit Strategy for Iraq addressed the power games related to revenge, and where true power comes from. If you equate having a secret weapon and power, what happens if your secret weapon falls into the hands of your adversaries and it is turned against you? If you equate power and money, if you lose your money, you lose your power.

Our fifty innovative projects cannot be retro-engineered, and we will continue to talk about the plan for the international government and its spin-off segments in future posts.