Monday, August 1, 2016

America regains its power

This month, our focus shifts from Iraq to the United States, although the Exit Strategy for Iraq is actually a U.S. economic stimulus plan. Today, we start to focus on the application of how the United States can regain the power that we lost by failed foreign policy in Iraq.

Last month, we looked at revenge and how it works and why it doesn't work, and that true power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you--and others--have done. The preemptive strike on Iraq went against went against Universal Law of Cause and Effect, and so by denying the Iraqi people their inalienable rights, the United States is losing our inalienable rights. To regain them, we must allow every person on the planet to have their inalienable rights.

This month, we start the process to create the international government. This is actually our first national proposal.

The United States is a microcosm of the planet. We are a melting pot of cultures and religions. People from all over the world came here because our constitution guarantees to every American our inalienable rights. Many people see America as the land of opportunity.

When America started, a cycle started,  and now we have come now to the end of the cycle. History is repeating itself, and we are replaying the American Revolution, but instead of rebelling against the tyranny of King George III and England, we are rebelling against the oppression of the power games. The power games we have used to gain power and prestige no longer work. A schism formed between those who stand on the principles of fairness and equality and those who rely on power games for their security and support.

Time is ending for America, and the first principle we look at is that we are being "Squeezed by Time," by the lack of the opportunities related to how we get our power.

The first two questions in our surveys are whether change is necessary, and whether it is the time for it to come. Change only comes easily at the beginning and the end of a cycle, so this month, let's consider whether America is ready to make changes in how we function--whether we are ready to let go of the power games and to grant the inalienable rights we cherish to all the people on the planet.

Each issue of "World Peace" newsletter contains the executive summary of a nation proposal, commentary about the root cause of the crisis, planning stages and steps of the plan that addresses the root cause of the crisis, and a detailed survey. Keep informed about the proposal and its associated projects and events.