Saturday, August 20, 2016

Letter to Iraq

Your Excellency:

There is an article in Al Monitor this morning that Iraq is having problems paying its debts because oil prices are falling, and my organization would like to offer a solution to this crisis.

We have been working to introduce a plan for an international government based on the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature. Our first proposal is An Exit Strategy for Iraq, a U.S. economic stimulus plan, that leads to the creation of an international court system so disputes between nations are resolved in court and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead. The first case that will be resolved in this court system will be between Iraq and the United States. We recommend that to end the conflict that one of Saddam Hussein's lieutenants meet George W. Bush in court to resolve this dispute.  

If the international government and our court system had been in existence in 2003, there would have been no Iraq War, and Iraq would not be attempting to pay off its debts. Iraq would be a thriving country, equal to all other nations in the international level, and its trade agreements would be fair and equitable so that your oil reserves go to benefit the people.

George Bush went to the Coalition nations and promised them something in return for their participation, and that will be something that must be addressed in the court case or in the negotiations prior to the case. How much of Iraq's debt came from the Gulf or Iraq Wars? Why should Iraq be paying restitution for an invasion that went against the intent of the U.S. Charter and against one of the principles of the U.S. legal system that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty? It is not the responsibility of Iraq to pay for the war they didn't start. This was an act of revenge against Saddam Hussein that started with the Gulf War,  when Saddam Hussein was attempting to defend Iraq's oil fields from Kuwait slant drilling into your oil fields (Wikipedia). That set the stage for George W. Bush to judge Saddam Hussein to be evil, which triggered an individual form of genocide--character defamation--which triggered the Coalition nations to come in for the lucrative contracts. That set the stage for the world leaders who declare themselves to be allies in the War on Terror to line their own pockets at the expense of their people, which leads for human rights violations and slavery, such as ISIS and the Yazidis, and that drew in the terrorist organizations. 

To unravel the power structure, George HW Bush must assume responsibility for his role in the act of revenge, and that will start to undermine the terrorism, which will undermine the other acts of revenge. 

It is not our intention to saddle the United States with the full responsibility for the war debts, but for George HW Bush and George W. Bush to assume responsibility for their failed foreign policy. It kicked Iraq off course and  triggered the schism in Iraq, like an optical illusion. Everyone bears some responsibility, and that is what the courts will decide. We are concerned that the existing international structure doesn't have the capacity to end or prevent wars, and that it is impossible for disputes to be resolved. Our organization offered to help rebuild Iraq by donating the profits from one of our books. "The Faith of the Pure Ray" unifies the world's seven major religions and has the capacity to sell well around the world.  

All that you must do is to be willing to turn responsibility for handling the case to someone who is capable of unifying Iraq behind the case. He will be given temporary responsibility for leading Iraq while the existing government handles the interior affairs of Iraq, something that is the responsibility of every government. If Iraq is willing to work with our organization, we will work as advisors in your country rebuild and to help you prepare for full participation in the proposed international government.

We ask that you approach President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry and discuss this with them. Even after they are no longer in office, they can help set this up once they start the process. 

We have a proposal for the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and the planning stages that take the United Stats and Iraq all the way to the conference of world leaders in Europe for the first conference of the proposed international government. Everything can be found on our website. It is actually a U.S. economic stimulus plan that plugs the drain on our economy to the Middle East. No nation wants to be dragged into an economic crisis as the result of a feud between nations. 

Yours for peace,

Karen Holmes
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government

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