Saturday, August 27, 2016

The battle over technology takes the plan to the individual level

We have talked about the need for technology review-- plan review-- and now we are going to look at the overview perspective of the three power inventions that our organization is working to introduce. These inventions will one day power your homes or offices, but right now they will help us to transition the plan for world peace to the individual level, and by that I mean the national and international level, because as one of our books says, "We Are One," and the number one is made up of many parts. The same crises occur on every level, so by looking at the individual level, we can see how to resolve the issue on the international level.

The human body has twelve chakras, or energy points, and so we are like a twelve story building. Each chakra represents one kind of relationship. We have seven chakras inside the body, and five outside, and they relate to relationships with the other kingdoms. Our Creator lives on the top floor, and this connects us to the Universe, because Lady Gaia, the female aspect of God, is our Earth Mother and Universe Mother, and her lifepartner is I AM That I AM. Then there are also the elemental kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the alien kingdom.

The Free Power Source invention is shaped like the twelve story building, and the idea behind creating the life you want is that you make win-win agreements with the entities who live on each of the floors--144 win-win agreements in all.  It is like living in a computer game, and the keys to find are the principles of Universal Law and the cooperation of nature. We are learning to overcome our nature.

The Light Source invention is like a gyroscope that sits on top of the Free Power Source invention, and it is like a ethics program that allows us to stay in balance, and to walk the proverbial straight and narrow. Our relationships go out of balance if we play the power games, which are oppressive, and this invention enables us to find the middle ground where conflict resolution is possible for each of the games.

The Intuitive Computer is based on the premise that we always have three choices, to go up, down or straight ahead. We now have the first level booklet, which is included in our curriculum for our Getting Out of the Abyss classes of the first row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy. The booklet addresses the first twelve choices, and explains the ramifications of each option. Our goal is to rocket out of the abyss.

The first level we deal with is our power base, and that relates to our family. We learned the power games as children from our family relationships, and we lost power by playing the games. We played the games all through our lives, and because it takes so long for the ultimate conclusion of the games, we assumed the games were working. The games kicked us off course each time we played them, and we reach the ultimate conclusion when we play them on an innocent person.

Think of regime change, and the backlash from the fact that Saddam Hussein had no WMD.

To get your family back, you don't go to them first and attempt to make win-win agreements. You can offer something but don't expect anyone to listen. You start with the three Conflict Resolution brochures, and find someone to be your advocate. Someone who can speak from personal experience. This is a matter of choice, and three options, and only one person will be able to bring in your relationships. The other two options solidify the case against you.

The three inventions are based on first finding twelve lifepartnerships, one from each level.  This is the application of Universal Law.

By looking at these three inventions, we can see there is a way to find a sense of balance again, and the place to start is with our family relationships, or our within our nation, or the planet.

The rule for participation in the international government is that the government must be invited in by their people when the people are ready to come in. The governments must let go of the power games that are played to gain power and prestige on the international level and start to turn inside their own nation to enable their people to prosper. The same thing applies with families.

But, as I said above, don't expect anyone to come in at first. To find our first level lifepartnership, we must create a niche based on our talents and gifts-- a vocation. Then we come together to create an avocation. With lifepartnerships, one's vocation is the other's avocation, and each mentors the other, and functions as an advocate.

The focus on the individual level is to find a niche based on your talents and gifts, and on the national level your niche is based on natural resources. That is not always apparent, so the Exit Strategy for Iraq and the Constitutional Amendment proposals enable England and the United States to find their niches, and to demonstrate what makes them unique.

Do you see where the battles over technology occur? We cannot become isolationist! We worked hard to get our power! With every plan, when one person stands on the principles, it affects the security and support of those who rely on that person, and that person goes down into the power games.

The Conflict Resolution brochures say to end conflict, you demonstrate the 1-2-3. You declare you are going to go get the life you want. You do it. Then you invite the others to participate.

In future posts, we will go into this in greater depth, but for now, you can visit our Track Our Progress blog and watch us demonstrate how it all works.