Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Purifying the U.S. Legal System

Before the U.S. Constitution can be used as the basis for the proposed international government, the United States must purify our legal system to prevent unfair laws and practices that have caused chaos within our legal system from spreading the chaos onto the international level.

Every judge knows which laws are causing the problems. If you have a case where both sides are standing on the law but they oppose each other, then there is something wrong. The problem generally comes from laws that were written to benefit the few rather than what is in everyone's best interest.

Our plan is to bring retired legislators in to teach classes in five U.S. law schools, and work with law students to address laws that are up for review. They voted for the law, and who better to assume responsibility to undo the damage that was done? The laws will be clarified, simplified and purified, and if that is not possible to do, they will be removed from the law books.

When a law is up for review, articles will be posted in trade journals and the media, and anyone who has had a problem with the law will be able to write in and to tell their story. The legislators and the law students will gather them and attempt to improve on the law. Then the retired legislator will take it to the legislature. After a period of time, the same process will occur, and once again anyone who has been affected by the law will have the opportunity to comment.

Another part of the plan is for our organization channels to host dinner parties for the senators, the Supreme Court justices and the president, and offer our gift in group channeling sessions to enable them to ask questions of the past kings, queens and presidents, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. We have no right to lobby for legislation, but to encourage the highest good for all people to come about.

We started a new blog, called "Purifying the U.S. Legal System." We will keep everyone informed of our progress, and we encourage regular visits because we are also going to be looking at the legal principles behind the government proposals.