Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Taking America to a higher level

The U.S. Constitution, by guaranteeing to each American our inalienable rights, has enabled the United States to function on a very high level, drawing people who have been oppressed from all over the world. America is seen as the land of opportunity. It is what sets us apart from every other nation.

It is our niche.

Our founding fathers rebelled against the tyranny of a king who waged war and taxed its colonies heavily to be able to do so. They declared their independence from England with a long and horrific list of grievances.

At the beginning of the new nation of America, a new cycle started. Wars were fought, and we became a debtor nation to do so, and now we are at the end of that cycle, the end of wars and the start of a thousand years of peace.

The old oppressive cycle of colonialism is coming to an end for England, and for America, too. The Iraq War was the the end of failed foreign policy for both nations.

Every cycle comes to an end when the games reach their ultimate conclusion. The power games end when an innocent person is sacrificed--crucified--and the fact that no WMD were found backlashed on George W. Bush and Tony Blair. The same end of the cycle process is occurring all over the planet. The power games have reached their ultimate conclusion.

The plan for the international government is the solution that allows every nation and every individual on the planet to function on a higher level. Over the next ten years or so, mankind will see the end of the old cycles and the beginning of the new cycles that allow everyone to function on a higher level.

The international government will guarantee the same inalienable rights to every person on the planet, taking America--and the U.S. Constitution-- to the higher level. America will start the process to bring world peace.

Every nation and every individual will have a niche, something that sets us apart from all others. America's niche is our Constitution, and this month we will start to create the international government to enable us to market our niche with other nations.

The first thing we must do is to amend our Constitution. All American's must unify behind the idea of our Constitution  and the our inalienable rights as our national identity.

The Universe has three levels. Think of the levels as the Potential, the Principles and the Plan, or as the Father, the Mother and Son. The Father sets the family at a certain level in society and that is unchanging. The Mother concept decides which direction to go from that point. The Son is the plan or the project, or the child of the parents.

If the legal system of the international government is based on Sharia Law, for example, there will be resistance to the plan from every person on the planet who is not a Muslim, and the end result will be chaos. If it is based on Universal Law, on which every religion is based, there will be no resistance and the end result will be unification of the planet and world peace, and the benefits will go out to every person on the planet.

This same thing will occur over and over again as the cycles come to an end.