Sunday, December 4, 2016

Call for tolerance around the world

The United States has entered into a very difficult time with this presidential election, and the return of the Republican Party into the White House. The Light Source Invention demonstrates how the schism between the Democrats and the Republicans can turn into open conflict on America's streets. This same crisis is occurring all over the world as part of the World Peace Movement.

In the United States, presidential elections have been considered politics as usual for the candidates to resort to mud-slinging and name-calling. The preemptive strike on Iraq changed that and created a schism within our nation, with some of the people believing the Grand Lie that there were WMD, and the others standing in protest. George W. Bush pushed his own agenda, and America went to war. Then, the economy collapsed and the Democrats entered into the White House, and the Republicans anger at President Obama simmered. The third cycle now is the election of Donald Trump.

What brings everything back to the straight and narrow is to stand on the principles of the proposed international government, but neither party is willing to do that.

It is time for people to stand back and watch. No one can convince someone that what they are doing won't work. America is at the beginning of a new cycle, and it is time for the people to stand on the principles of  the Light Source Invention.