Monday, December 5, 2016

The Talk about California Seceding from the United States

Our organization is presently located in Oregon, and for many years, there has been talk about Oregon and northern California coming together to create a separate state. There is also talk about California seceding from the United States and forming a separate nation. At some point, either may occur, because existing borders have not been drawn based on cultures, but for other reasons, including war.

Eventually, the borders will be redrawn based on culture and there will be up to 500 nations on the planet.

The same crises occur on every level, and we can consider states to function like a family. We apply the principles to an individual or within the family. the organization or the state or nation, and even on the international level.

California, with its economy that if it was a nation, would have the sixth highest economy, can bridge between state and nation.

The potential members of our organization are parallel to the 200 existing nations. We are divided into two main parts, like the industrialized nations and the third world nations. The Oregon segment is made up mainly of the inventors, and we have fifty lucrative project ideas, and the California segment consists of investors whose families have been torn apart by the California Community Property Law.

The California Community Property Law has led to what are basically family genocides, and ripples of sociological crises have spun off from the law.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq enables the end of the genocide that started as the result of the Grand Lie to justify the preemptive strike on Iraq, so on every level we can apply the first two proposals to end the genocides that occur on every level, including within families. It can be easier to see the solutions to the crisis when you look at it from other perspectives.

We are looking at revenge and the five power games associated with it, how it works and why it doesn't work. We are looking at the power games themselves, and how to recognize them in our own lives. We want to know where true power comes from, because if the games don't work, what will work?

Some day California may actually secede from the United States, along with the 300 other unique cultures.
At the same time, the power a nation has in the international government will be based on population, and so a great deal of thought must go into breaking a nation apart. Each must understand its true identity, like Iraq--and Israel. What makes it separate and unique?