Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Putting Your Assets Into a Blind Trust

Where does true power come from? This is the lesson mankind is facing now.

When you are in a crisis situation, your perspective narrows. You have been slowly kicked off course by misunderstandings, and you still believe you are on course to your goal, but as you continue to get kicked off course, you go around the compass rose, and you eventually reach the point where you are headed away from your goal. You have turned your life over to someone or something that cannot help you get the life you want. When you realize that the person or institution that you have put your trust on doesn't have the capacity to help you, that is when you reach the end of life crisis.

The United States is falling into an economic crisis now as many people have placed their blind trust on Donald Trump to help them create a sense of prosperity for America. The backbone of any economy is small business, and a coalition of billionaires won't help the man or woman on the bottom of the economic scale start a small business. 

Their blind trust is based on misunderstandings about where true power comes from. True power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that you and others have done. 

The first principle of the global renaissance is that everyone must function from within their own capacity, but most people don't really understand what their capacity is. People must let go of what they have put their trust onto and take back responsibility for their own lives. 

For example, if you are an alcoholic, you have placed your life on alcohol to make you feel better, but at some point in time, it stops working. Then, you must let go of the alcohol and find other ways to feel better, like starting to build confidence in your own capacity. You cannot get the life you want by turning it over to alcohol. 

If you are a world leader, you would assume that is the pinnacle of power, but as the plan for the international government is being debated, many world leaders are putting their blind trust, too, on something or someone who doesn't have the capacity to help them get their life. As the plan for the international government is being debated, they have seized the opportunity to function on a higher level, but without the understanding of how to bring about a plan for an international government that benefits everyone. 

You cannot get the life you want by grabbing for power, because you are coming from the belief that you lack power, and therefore you will continue to reinstate the lack of power in your life. 

World peace must come from the people, when the people are ready for it to come. A prosperous economy must come from the people when the people take back their own power. 

It is all a matter of understanding where true power comes from.