Sunday, December 11, 2016

True Islam

When the Prophet Muhammad sat in his cave and received his messages directly from Allah, he was connected to the Source. He was connected to All That Is. Allah taught Muhammad the principles of true Islam, and told him that Islam is for all people.

Our Creator went to seven men in all and did this, and for a little while, their cultures were the Chosen people. Each of these men received one segment of the body of knowledge, based on the planning process, that is necessary to create the life we want.

Then, when the prophet passed on, the messages ended, the connection to the Creator ended, and the people were left to spread the message. The messages have been watered down, filtered through the minds of the people, to the point where the messages have been corrupted. Each generation starts further from the true message.

There is religion for the masses, and for those who want to know more, and those who become clerics of their religions. Not all clerics are there for their love of their Creator. Some are in it for the power, their security and support. This applies to everything, including medicine and technology, and education. These people are considered mainstream, and some raise to the top of their field and are considered the experts, and they have all the credibility. This works fine until there is a crisis situation, and then that is where everyone starts to pray to our Creator to get us back on track again.

Many people equate ideas, and that gets them into trouble, or turn their lives over to someone or something that cannot help them get their life, and so our Creator hears the prayers, but half the people must pray for the solution before the answer comes. The existing structure must demonstrate that it isn't working for people to be willing to let go of the old and come into the new.

For example, if people rely on doctors to cure cancer, they won't listen to a prophet who tells that that cancer is an issue that is out of control, if you heal the issue you will heal the cancer. God never said anyone must die of cancer,  yet many people do to demonstrate that the doctors don't know how to cure cancer.

Now, Islam seems to be taking over the world. ISIS has spread to every nation, and the corrupted concept of Islam is spreading. Now, over half the population of the planet has prayed for peace, and it is time for True Islam to return, along with all the other religions that have spread throughout the planet.

Islam is for all people, but that does not mean we all must live under Sharia Law. True Islam teaches the principles of Equality, and how to overcome the Crises in the Family. Muslims stand in protest when they see that someone is not standing on the principles, but it is not up to them to come up with a plan. That is up to Christians to come up with a plan.

The idea of the Caliphate has been corrupted by people who want power. It is time for people all over the world to understand that True Islam unifies the entire planet. It doesn't tear people apart.

The Faith of the Pure Ray teaches that each of the seven spiritual teachers taught one segment of the body of knowledge that is necessary to understand to create the life we want, and therefore, God intends for us to create the life we want. God gives us the capacity, the opportunity and the equality to create our life.

God doesn't tell people what to do. This is a free-will Universe, and what we create us up to us, but we must stand on the principles of each of the religions to bring it about.

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