Sunday, February 26, 2017

Battle over economic ideology: Spider or Bee?

If mankind is at the point in our evolution where we can choose a nature-based economic ideology for the next thousand years, which species will become our role model? The spider or the bee? Which has the capacity to create a sense of abundance for the entire planet? 

Naturally, the bee is the winner in this battle. Bee ideology benefits everyone. For the spider, there are rewards in spider-based thinking. The spider is very powerful and can trap others into its web of deceit, but it thinks only of itself. The venom the spider injects into its victims are the lies that are told to prevent others from moving forward in their progress.  

The principles our organization stands create a framework of projects, and it is based on a beehive, with every nation participating and so every nation and every individual benefits. We are introducing fifty innovative project ideas and they fit into the first fifty cells of the hive, and they teach the principles of this new ideology, and so the ideas continue to spin off. It takes everyone in our organization to bring one project about. The projects create a sense of abundance, and that is one of the principles that helps to create a sense of balance, and allows everyone to move forward to create the life they want. 

For those who function as spiders, the power games  no longer function. Power games go against Universal Law, and there is always a backlash to the games. They may seem to work, but people know oppression when they see it, and the resistance builds.  As average people start to understand how the plan for the international government will benefit them, the paradigm will continue to shift. There is a continuum from the global perspective to the narrowest, individual perspective, and so those who think and function globally, doing what benefits everyone, will come first. Those who function as spiders, entirely for their own interests, will be the last to come into the framework based on win-win agreements. They must let go of the power games and work to undo the damage they have done.

Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreements. This spirit of cooperation allows the nectar to be transformed into honey, our efforts to be multiplied as each new person comes into the framework, and it is also the principle that allows our three free power source inventions to function. 

We are looking at where true power comes from. Power games lead to loss of power, and win-win agreements that benefit everyone lead to an increase in power.