Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Getting back on course

The planning for the first year's proposals was introduced in 2012, and during the time period since then, the plan has remained in the potential state. Every plan must have a rationale, or why do it?

Those who see the dark cloud on the horizon are the one's who start preparing for the storm. For the rest, the voyage continues on. Eventually, if it stays the course on into the storm, it is tossed around by the waves, until the captain finds a safe harbor. The crew must be able to help the passengers overcome their fears to prevent chaos.

For the person who sees the dark cloud on the horizon, the plan idea just continues to spread until it is kicked into the initial stages, which involves everyone realizing that the existing structure is not working, and so a new plan must be found. People are looking to see what plans are on the table, and the one that is chosen is the one that is already in existence and solving the problems. Then, the people responsible for the plan must stand up and speak.

Everything must come slowly and in perfect order. When people are in crisis, as the disaster occurs and creates a need to prioritize efforts, the first step in turning around is to help people in crisis.

In times of crisis, the one most people turn to is God, our Creator, and that is our plan's first step. Our organization started as a prayer circle, and each week we prayed for people in crisis, for our local area, our planet and our galaxy. Out of the prayer circle came our spiritual gifts from our Creator and our projects, and a series of books, "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis."

Not everyone is in crisis. Like looters, some people can see a natural disaster as their grand opportunity to get their life. Not everyone sees a need to solve the crisis, and the power games continue on even while the ship is sinking.

Mankind is facing a major crisis now. The existing international structure has proven it cannot end or prevent wars and genocides, and mankind is on the proverbial ship, being tossed around in stormy waters, so our books address the root cause of what places people into crisis--the power games.  The games are oppressive to the people, and the people are standing up to protest unfair treatment by the governments.

The idea for the plan will continue to spread until someone says stop, and kicks mankind into the creative planning process related to conflict resolution.

The first requirement for conflict resolution is that everyone must be considered equal. What people who have been in a war lack is equality. Those who seem to have the power must be losing power because the power games they are playing are backlashing on them, and those who seem to have no power must be rising in power because they are assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done. At the point when they meet, they offer a plan that benefits everyone.

That entity is the United States. The first two proposals involve our failed foreign policy, which reached its ultimate conclusion in Iraq. The preemptive strike on Iraq went against the basic premise of our legal system that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and it is part of our legal system because you cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives--which are power games. For many years, the United States has assumed our foreign policy of regime change was working, because it took a long time to see the backlashes from the power games.

The Republicans that followed George W. Bush into the abyss still believe that the U.S. power is based on military strength. Donald Trump plans to dramatically increase the size of our military. His plan does not solve the problems because it does not address the root cause of the crisis, which is that the power games don't work.

Where does true power come from? What makes our nation safe?

Our organization started with a prayer circle. We prayed for peace. We are average people who seem to have no power, but we are assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done, based on what is in our hearts to do and our talents and gifts. We are rising in power as the world leaders are losing their power because their power is based on power games, which compensate for the lack of power.

When everything you do just makes things in your life worse, it is time to turn your crisis over to someone who can solve your problems. You turn the crises over to someone who is already solving the problems, but not your life, because you are still the captain of your ship.