Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fake News

When President Trump started to talk about fake news, and he left several major media outlets out of his news conference, he put the entire planet on alert that the United States is devolving into a genocide. The media outlets that Trump is leaving out of his press room are prestigious organizations with a long history of excellence in journalism. Whether they are reporting the truth or not, the fact that their honesty is being questioned is enough to demonstrate that our country is in a genocide. 

Our organization has been warning the planet that the preemptive strike on Iraq triggered a global genocide, and that every person on the planet has been dragged into the conflict in some way. This is occurring in every nation now, so this is not just about the United States. The issue is how to stop the global genocide from tearing apart the entire planet.

Genocides are considered a grab for power. Mankind is looking at where true power comes from. When people equate ideas that should not be equated, we get into trouble. If we equate money and power, for example, if we lose our money, we lose our power. We must address the root cause of the crisis, and then with the planning process, we can find the solution.

The root cause of a genocide is the power game of Envy, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. It is based on the belief that you have the right to judge others. People who perpetrate genocides are dealing with a sense of lack of capacity. 

Our Exit Strategy for Iraq is the solution to this crisis. It's contingency is that the United States starts to address amending our Constitution to create the additional layer of government for the international government. The Constitutional amendment proposal is an agreement to settle the Iraq War and any future disputes in court rather than the battlefield. 

The first stage in the associated planning is to bring in our professional publishing team. Our World Peace newsletter comes first, and each issue contains a government proposal, and then our channeled books, which explain how to rise out of the crisis. 

If the truth does not overcome the lie that is being disseminated by fake news, the truth still must come out, and the lie is that someone can prevent you from getting the life you want. Our books will help each individual to create the life he or she wants, and the international government will guarantee each of us the right to do so.