Saturday, February 4, 2017

The plan spins off to bring in the technology segment

The overview plan is being introduced and continues to expand. Every day, more and more people hear about it and join the debate on the plan. Even those who fear its creation and are spreading their fear to others are helping to bring it about, because people's perspective is based on a continuum of frequency, and those who think only of themselves will be the last to see how it can benefit them, too.

At some point in time the idea must start on its path to its creation. That happens when the existing structure has proven it can't solve the problems we are facing, and people start looking for a new plan to replace it. Which plan will it be?

Which plan is already solving the problems? At this time, the U.S. Congress is addressing confirmation hearings for Donald Trump's nominees for his cabinet positions. Mankind is watching the idea move into the application of the principles. Does the nominee have a history of solving problems in this area or will he or she make the crises worse?

Until the idea is accepted, the idea just continues to expand and grow. The person who stands up to defend it is responsible for helping to bring it about.

The plan spins off to address the principles of technology.

Most people consider technology to be about tools and gadgets, and innovation, but it it much more than that. Technology is about the idea of a plan and solving problems. Will your plan solve the problem or make it worse? Technology can be used as a creative tool to help mankind function on a higher level, or as a weapon to destroy. We are looking at the root cause of the crises and the planning process. If you know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process you can solve the crisis, but if your plan does not address the root cause of the crisis, it makes it worse. We are looking at how revenge works and why it doesn't work. Where true power comes from. Whether you love technology and adapt easily to the changes, or long for the good old days before it all became so complicated, the principles of technology are an integral part of your life.

The chosen plan must already be solving problems, and it really makes no difference how far along in the planning process it is to be accepted, because as the idea spreads, people are taking the idea and stealing it, or at least thinking why didn't we see this simple and logical idea before?

The plan for the international government is based on two proven concepts, and both are open source ideas. No one owns the U.S. Constitution, and every nation on the planet is welcome to steal the idea and apply it in their own nation. The application of the principles is what is important. If every nations stole our Constitution, after 100 years, there would be 200 different applications of it. The cooperation of nature has been in existence for four billion years on this planet, and has worked perfectly all that time providing every aspect of it with a sense of abundance. Mankind is learning the principles of Nature's plan.

To learn the principles of this spin-off into the technology segment, each government proposal includes a set of books, channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis. Our first proposal addresses this idea of how a plan was based on revenge and how it back-lashed on the people who came up with this plan. Their plan was based on power games, and because it was an act of revenge on an innocent man, it collapsed their power base. Whether you think the Iraq War was justified or not, it is time for mankind to learn the principles of technology and address how to solve problems, without facing all the backlashes.

The United States has allies, and trade partners, but are these relationships based on win-win agreements?

AS mankind learns the principles of technology,  we will leave the technology people here to address the creation of the associated projects, but everyone will still address the principles of each of the inventions, including the free power source invention, the intuitive computer and the light source invention. Together, the innovative inventions address the idea of lifepartners, and the people who have what you need and need what you have to make your win-win agreements that enable everyone to function on a higher level.