Monday, February 6, 2017

Looking to the future: The Conference

Once the plan for the international government goes viral, it will progress in just a few years to the point where delegations from all the nations will work together at a conference to create the branches and departments of the international government.

Now let's look to the future to imagine what to expect what the conference will be like, and then spin off a new blog to address actual preparations for the conference. It won't occur until the U.S. legal system has been purified, but we will address purifying the legal system as part of the planning for each of the proposals, and the ultimate conclusion is that those nations that have proposals will be ready to participate at the conference, and at the conference they will be advocates of the solutions we introduce in the proposals.

The conference will be held in a major city in Europe, and will last for one month. The invitations will be given to the world leaders or other representatives of the governments by their people. The invitation will be an agreement with their people to attend the conference, and to function for the highest good for all people. Then, the text of the invitation will be posted online for everyone to read, and on one day, all the world leaders will either sign their invitation or choose to wait and watch to see how the international government evolves, and can choose to come it at a later date. Imagine, that day will be just as remarkable as the moment when the new millennium started. The parties around the world will last several days, because that is the point when world peace will start.

(Please don't hold your breath, or watch our organization closely for the invitations to go out, because it is not up to our organization to issue the invitations. That is the responsibility of another group. No one knows at this time who will deliver the invitations.)

The nations that sign their invitations will start to gather their delegation. Four groups will participate for each delegation. There will be members who will help to set up the three branches of the international government, made up of executive branch (president and vice president), legislative branch (lawmakers), and judicial.(judges and justices). There will be experts in eleven fields to help to set up the departments of the international government:

There will be also the people of the nation who give their nation's invitation to their government, to function as watchdogs to insure their government functions on the highest level.

Each nation will be able to bring a cultural demonstration, such as theater, concert, dance or culinary event to share with the other nations their cultural heritage.

The night before the first day of the conference, we will host an opening reception, and everyone is welcome to attend, including family members of the delegation.

Then, for the next month, each day will start out with a short talk or lecture on a particular topic related to world peace, followed by discussion on only that topic, and facilitated by the organization facilitators.

Then, the conference will break, and in the early afternoon, there will be the cultural demonstrations. After that, the delegations will be free to see the sights of the town. Each evening, our independent members will host a dinner meeting with one of the groups of delegates--the branches and the departments--to answer questions.

Each of the departments delegates will meet in a room to discuss how to create their department, how it will be organized and start to consider where and how it will function, which will be to advise the branches, and also advise the individual nations on how to address issues within their nation. This will be one of the greatest benefits for joining the international government.

Our project leaders will talk about their fifty innovative projects and explain how the work. If the world leaders hire our organization to advise them, they will be offered a catalog of these projects and if chosen, our project teams will travel to that nation to help set up the programs.

There will also be continental rooms set aside, and the nations will be able to meet to discuss issues that pertain only to that region. This will also enable the Local Courts to be established on a continental basis.

Our organization will host the first conference, and then turn subsequent conferences over to the nations. Then we will work with individual nations to help them prepare for full participation in the international government.

There will be no press allowed in the building during the conference, but after the morning lecture is over, printed copies of the lecture will be circulated to enable the people to see what was being discussed. It is not up to our organization to tell people what to do, but how to do it.