Sunday, June 19, 2016

Defending the Children

The power games are oppressive to the people, but the most vulnerable people are the children.

In a new book that is coming out soon, Seth talks about world peace as it applies to mankind, and he tells readers how to protect the children, who should not be exposed to anything related to war. He doesn't even advise parents to allow their children to operate a computer until the child reaches puberty, when certain parts of the child's mind is closed off. Before puberty, the child's mind is like a blank slate.

During wars and genocides, children are oftentimes drawn into the conflict, and while it may seem impossible to avoid, it takes seven generations to undo the damage that has been done. Every adult is working through issues that are caused by childhood traumatic events, so imagine what occurs during armed conflict.

Rifts are tears in the energy fabric of the planet that come from traumatic events, and any efforts or money that are poured into the area are lost unless the rift is headed. The same thing occurs within the people. Rifts last long after the traumatic event is forgotten, and the rifts must be healed before the people of the area can once again prosper.

If the children are targeted as a form of terrorism, it goes against Universal Law of Cause of Effect.

Under the plan for the international government, every individual on the planet, no matter how old, will be considered equal, and have the same inalienable rights granted to them by the international government.

Children being born now are born remembering Heaven. They are considered Light-bearers. As Seth says, children have no problems playing with other children. They have no prejudice, where the adults must overcome the effects of all the power games we learned in our lives. They will teach us the principles of tolerance and empowerment, and when allowed to do so, they will live in peace.

The adults are responsible for bringing world peace.
Our children are responsible for maintaining world peace.
Our grandchildren will live in world peace.

The Light-bearers are the watchdogs of the organization. They make sure we stand on the principles, and are responsible for teaching the principles to their cultures and religions.