Thursday, June 16, 2016

Director Brennan of the CIA

I am the founder and director of a US nonprofit organization that is working to create an international government based on the US Constitution and the cooperation of nature. As of today, people in 85 nations, including Muslim nations, support the plan for the international government.

I would like to offer a solution to the continuing threat from ISIS.

First, the root cause of the crisis. When George W. Bush preemptively invaded Iraq, it went against the intent of the UN Charter. Because it devolved as a character defamation campaign against Saddam Hussein, it is considered a genocide, and the reason it has been so difficult to stop is that the knee jerk reaction that stops a war makes a genocide worse. The way to stop a genocide is not by creating a feud, but by standing up to defend the person who is being defamed. Stopping the bullies.

The Chilcot Report is coming out next month, and there will be a great deal of anger that comes from it as information about the justification for the occupation of Iraq is released. Many people around the world are aware that this was a power game, and it backlashed on the United States--on Tony Blair and George W. Bush.

It was an act of revenge that drew in five groups of people, each playing a favorite power game, starting with the Gulf War. Saddam Hussein was apparently defending Iraq from Kuwait slant drilling into Iraq. That war set the stage for Bush and Blair judgment that Saddam Hussein was evil, and that led to the global genocide that is unfolding now. They brought in the nations that play the power game of Greed, and that brought in the nations that are considered allies on the War on Terror, and who support their regimes at the expense of their own people. They play the game of slavery and human rights violations. Then, that brought in the terrorists.

Governments play five favorite power games, all based on acts of revenge. The symbol for the games of revenge is a pentagon, which is why that building is shaped as it is. Three games no longer work, but two--genocide and slavery--which are both based on weaving an illusion, are continuing to expand out and to draw in more and more people.

The games backlashed on the US and the UK, and collapsed our power bases, and the world's leaders started to jockey for power to see who will be the next superpower.

The backlashes from the power games have led to the rise of the caliphate, where one individual is declaring himself to be the emperor of the planet. The caliphate is based on misunderstandings about an old prophecy, but as the ripples of effects have gone out from the Grand Lie that was told to justify the Iraq War, the illusion is logjamming and now no one knows who to trust. The truth cannot overcome the lies that have been told. To fight ISIS is only leading to a feud that will be next to impossible to stop.

The solution is to open the debate on the creation of the international government, and to give mankind an opportunity to function on a higher level. The existing structure is one option for our future that is untenable because it has proven incapable of ending or preventing wars. The other option is to join the caliphate. The only solution is to allow the UN to slowly fade into history, and to evolve to a higher level politically.

Another step is to start to address the power games, why revenge doesn't work. Educate people about the power games. The US has relied on regime change to topple other governments to gain control of natural resources and strategic locations, but now, instead of creating a puppet government, the games lead to civil war, and no one gets anything.

Another step is to unify the world's seven major religions into one spiritual body of knowledge that is necessary to understand to create the life each of us wants.

It won't be up to the CIA to do these things, but as Director Brennan speaks about the crisis that we are facing as a nation, he can speak about how the solutions are not based on military might or on money, because we cannot afford, as a nation, to get into a global feud. There are people within our own government who believe we still have the power and the intelligence to overcome ISIS, but our government must be realistic. Any plan must address the root cause of the crisis or it will make the crisis worse. To ignore the crisis will pass it on to future generations and it will take up to seven generations to undo the damage.

As my organization worked to introduce the plan for the international government, we have experienced a hostile takeover in the form of a character defamation campaign. We understand the horror of a genocide, and how difficult it is to overcome the sense of illusion. Our first proposal is An Exit Strategy for Iraq, and it offers the planning steps and stages to overcome the genocide within our organization and the global genocide that is occurring as a result of the Iraq War. We are keeping the ambassadors in Washington DC informed of our progress. If you would like to know more about the plan, please go on our website, as