Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pax Orbis

Starting with pax romana, when the Roman Empire was so powerful that it stabilized the regions it had conquered, the definition of peace has been subverted. The American peace that has developed as the result of the US power base is ending, just as Roman peace came to an end, when the power games reached their ultimate conclusion.

The solution to finding a lasting peace is to address the root cause of the crisis, and hopefully to avert the interests of those individuals who will attempt to force the creation of the international government to their own interpretation of where power comes from.

For world peace to come, there are three requirements, which are based not on power structures, but on inalienable rights. The first is that every person on the planet must be able to create his or her life without interference--

and it is easy to see that the power games do not have the capacity to bring peace when this right is abrogated.

The second is that every person on the planet must be treated fairly and equally--

and it is easy to see that the existing structures fail to reach this requirement.

The third is that every person on the planet must have a voice in their government.

The rise of extremism and terrorism are pushing the proverbial pendulum to its ultimate conclusion, where it is impossible under the existing structure to have a voice.

These are the inalienable rights that are granted to every person on the planet by the Creator of us all.

True power comes not from having a military that is strong enough to overcome any other force, and to bring a sense of temporary peace at all costs, but from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you have done.

Our goal is to instate an institution that guarantees our inalienable rights to every person on the planet, and for our creation to last for one thousands years of true peace, and that it functions on such a high level that mankind must evolve out of it.

To create that international structure, every person on the planet must be involved with the debate, and that it not be created until everyone agrees to the plan.

The contingency for the Exit Strategy for Iraq is that the United States start to address within our own nation amending our Constitution to add the layer of government over what already exists. If it is to be the basis for the proposed international government, we must also purify our legal system to prevent the unfair practices that have caused chaos on our legal system from spreading chaos onto the international level.

In July, we will start to address the U.S. Constitutional Amendment convention proposal. We hope to bring in many observers to watch the process of how we amend our constitution.