Saturday, June 18, 2016

Unifying the world's seven major religions

This is the time of Ramadan, when Muslims all over the world are focused on studying their Qurans. It is a time of introspection, of stepping away from the cares of the world and looking at whether you, yourself, are standing on the principles of Islam.

Many people think of Islam as not a peaceful religion, but that is not so. Its teaches the principles of Equality, and focuses on tolerance and the principles of a plan that benefits everyone. When someone has a plan that is not standing on the principles of equality, Muslims stand in protest.

If their voices are not heard, they raise their voices to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence.
The protests are not bad.

Each of the world's seven major religions teaches one segment of the body of knowledge that is necessary to know to create the life you want. If you put them into a pie-shape, they form a circle,  and every one is equal and necessary--and everyone is equal and necessary. To learn how to create your life, you start with learning the principles of Christianity. Jesus of Nazareth taught the principles of Creativity, and how to create a plan that benefits everyone.

Each of the world's seven major religions plays a favorite power game, too. Christian's wage war when they play the power game of Pride, which comes from the belief that they are better than others and therefore have the right to put others down, and Muslims foment terrorism when denied a voice, and what is bad is when innocent people are drawn into the crisis.

Christianity and Islam oppose each other on the Faith of the Pure Ray circle, which means they have similar interests. There are seven religions and so they do not line up perfectly. Opposing Islam is also Taoism, which teaches the principles of Tolerance and Empowerment.

What collapses conflict is to declare that something is not right, and then to walk away from the conflict, and then to come together with others who have the same belief and to cooperate on a plan that benefits everyone.

Today, on our Faith of the Pure Ray blog, we offer a link to a pdf file of our Tolerance brochure. You can learn more about how the seven major religions can be unified.

Our organization teaches the Faith of the Pure Ray--the overview-- concept of religion, and we are all Muslims today. We are standing in protest that the existing international structure does not treat all people and all nations fairly and equally, and our plan is for every person on the planet to come together in the spirit of the cooperation of nature to create a new international structure that stands on the principles that all the religions teach.