Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tools: The Planning Process--and the Point of the Brick Wall

If you know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process, you can find the solution. With the help of Lady Gaia--the female aspect of God--we have the root causes of over twenty major crises mankind is facing.

All of our projects are "open source" projects. The plan for the international government is based on two open source concepts--the US Constitution and the cooperation of nature. No one owns the Constitution. If you put it into every nation, at the end of 100 years, you would have 200 different and legitimate interpretations of it.

The application of the principles is what is important. What would separate the end results of those 200 nations is the applications of the plan based on their cultural interpretations.

But, if the plan is pirated, the pirates cannot progress all the way around the planning circle. The pirates cannot make it through the security issues to the point where they can demonstrate their capacity.

We don't worry about the plans being stolen. When a plan is stolen, the pirates eventually demonstrate they don't understand the plan. Then they steal the principles, and don't understand the principles. Finally, they must come to the person who is the overview concept of the plan.

In the planning process, there is a point between Security and Capacity, called "The Brick Wall," which is where someone is facing their end of life crisis. Pirates may be able to progress all the way through the planning process to this point, but you cannot get the life you want by weaving an illusion. The impostors are stuck at this point, attempting to prove they can get their life by weaving an illusion, but no one is fooled for long.  The Brick Wall is the point where people die, so rather than being caught as an impostor, this is where people turn to acts of violence.

The principles the organization stands on create a framework of projects, and each project is based on one's talents and gifts. Every aspect is based on sharing one's talents and gifts.

The plan for the international government is Karen Holmes's project, and it is based on channeled messages from God. Her gift from God is to be able to communicate with anyone "on the other side." Her guides are the past kings, queens and presidents who are returning to help create the plan for world peace. Each of our government proposals has an associated set of books, and as we introduce eight proposals a year, it is impossible for a pirate to write eight best-seller books a year on subjects he or she knows nothing about.

The first people to come into the organization are the professional publishing team, and once again, there can be impostors because there are many people who can print books. But, each member of the team has a niche already in existence based on publishing spiritual books. To publish the new channeled messages allows them to function on a higher level. They are defending their opportunity to function on a higher level.  It comes down to a choice between the legitimate team, a vanity press, or pirates.

Our first two proposals are actually being introduced at the same time, and the second proposal brings in the channels to create the crisis center, where we will offer our talents and gifts to help people in crisis. Like doctors in a clinic, we will sit all day long in little cubicles and channel messages from our guides, and this is how we defend our projects, and make it past the Brick Wall of the planning process--by sharing our talents and gifts. The idea will continue to expand and spread and go out to benefit everyone.

The first principle of the global renaissance is that everyone must function from his or her own capacity. You cannot reach that point without letting go of the power games that backlash at the point of the Brick Wall.