Sunday, July 3, 2016

World Peace newsletter

In 2003, when the war was starting, I sent copies
of the executive summaries for the first eight proposals to the stakeholder diplomats, but everyone had their own agenda, and so they were disregarded. Looking back, it was naive of me to expect any kind of response. I put the proposals on our website and started to collect the names of people from all over the world who like the plan for the international government. The people on the list are considered affiliate members of our organization.

Then I created a simple newsletter and included a list of the affiliate member nations, and this caught the attention of the diplomats, who passed this fact on to the government level, and they leveraged the plan for the international government into the Whitehouse.

"World Peace" newsletter has evolved to include the executive summary, commentary about the root cause of the crisis, the planning stages, which include events and associated projects, and a detailed survey. All of these can be found on our website, but having the newsletters in hand allows the reader to have the background to understand what is occurring in the news. The surveys will be collected and turned over to the respective government should we get a government contract.

All of our newsletters start with the worst case scenario and addresses the root cause of the crisis, and then each subsequent issue carries readers through to the resolution of the crisis. Each subscription starts with Volume 1, issue 1, and there are eight issues per volume.

"World Peace" newsletter will be sent free of charge to the embassies in Washington, DC. The independent member who is parallel to the nation will sponsor the subscription to their parallel embassy. Income from the sale of subscriptions will fund organization projects.