Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The United States must start the process

Readers have heard many times that our organization is a microcosm of the international level, and that each family is parallel to a nation. We have 200 independent members. The first two to come into the framework based on win-win agreements are Iraq and the United States. The first two proposals are actually for the United States. One is the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal, and the precursor for it is the Exit Strategy for Iraq.

At the beginning and the end of any cycle, there are two people or nations. One stands on the principles and the other is the application of the principles. In the Catholic Church, for example, the first two popes were Jesus of Nazareth and Peter. At the end of the cycle, once again there are two popes--actually, this is the first time in history that there are three living popes! (More on that later. This will resolve the question about the prophecy of St. Malachy, and the question of who is the Olive Pope?)

 At the end of any cycle, before you can move on, you must undo the damage that was done or it will come back to haunt you. Issues are coming up to be cleared. If you plot this out on the planning circle, if you have a plan for an international government, the opposite side of the circle addresses issues related to security.

In our Faith of the Pure Ray project, there are diagrams of how one side of the circle must be addressed.

Mankind must address the issue related to Iraq, and the character defamation campaign against Saddam Hussein before we can move forward. The Chilcot Report came out and Prime Minister Tony Blair expressed his regret, but he did not seem to understand the root cause of the anger that was building up against him. For him it was a small, logical step, but for others, it was a major leap--into the abyss.

The Chilcot Report declared the Iraq War was an illegal war, so does that imply? Can it be swept under the proverbial rug and ignored?

The plan for world peace has been introduced, and opened to debate. Many people around the world know about the plan. Now, in this election cycle, we have two presidential candidates who supported the war, and are known as hawks. Are these the principles and the application of the principles that the United States will stand on for the next thousand years?