Monday, July 18, 2016

World peace requires a paradigm shift

I am sure that most first time readers to this blog come thinking that these posts will announce great steps in the creation of the proposed international government, watching history unfold, and are disappointed that nothing seems to be happening. The fact is, history is being made not in large steps, but in tiny ways that no one even knows are vital to the peace process.

It is being made as choices on the individual level, and when one person makes a choice, it triggers others to make their choices, also.

As mankind comes to the point where the choices that we made to this point reach their ultimate conclusion, the energy that propelled us forward is expended, and that is the point where we must make another choice.

An example of this is occurring within the Catholic Church. There is a prophecy by St. Malachy that this is the last pope, and with it the Catholic Church is coming to its end under very dire circumstances. Is the prophecy true? Is it really ending, or reaching the end of the cycle, and ready to make changes?

The end times is a time when many fears arise and must be addressed. It is not that the Catholic Church is ending, or the world is ending, it is that the cycles are reaching their end, and change only occurs easily at the beginning or the end of a cycle, so this is a time of great change. Pope Francis is setting the course for the next cycle, and his choices for the future of the church are triggering others to make their choices, too.

Consider that Kofi Annan in his farewell speech to the United Nations declared that George W. Bush made the United Nations irrelevant. He was saying we should not depend on it for solving the world's problems, and implied that mankind should start looking for something that will work.

All the institutions that do not treat people fairly and equally are coming to an end. As the old structure based on power games collapse, mankind is going through our end of life crisis as a planet. The energy that propelled us forward through this cycle that is reaching its conclusion has almost been expended. As we reach our end of life crisis, to overcome it, we must come to the understanding that we can get the life we want, then let go of what is dragging us into the abyss, and walk forward to create the life we want. It is the same on every level.

The plan for the international government replaces the United Nations, and allows mankind to function on a higher level. It is our opportunity to get the life we want, and that alone is enough to enable us to rise out of our end of life crisis. This paradigm shift mankind is making with affect every part of the planet.

Now it is time to consider what we must let go of that is dragging us into the abyss.

The old structure was based on playing power games. The new structure is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature--on win-win agreements.