Saturday, July 9, 2016

Our Free Power Source Invention offers insights on Universal Law

The idea for the international government has been talked about for years now, and has opened doors for diplomacy that seemed forever locked. The Free Power Source Invention offers insights on why any kind of agreements at this time won't work.

Technology is not just a progression of useful gadgets. Technology is coming up with a plan that solves problems. The Free Power Source Invention is one of three inventions that will work together to function as a source in free energy. Together, they are the application of the principles of the cooperation of nature. When two people make a win-win agreement, a burst of energy is given off to propel both forward, based on the Fibonacci numbers. Once these inventions come together, mankind will evolve out of burning oil in internal combustion engines (we are making oil consumption sustainable with another invention) and nuclear energy will come to an end.

The Free Power Source invention is like a twelve story building and on each floor resides a different type of relationship, and the idea is that you make win-win agreements with all the entities on each of the floors, a total of 144 win-win agreements. The top floor is your relationship with our Creator, and standing on the principles of Universal Law. That is your first win-win agreement.

Many agreements are based on power games, which will backlash, or compromise, which will break apart when both sides discover their goals are different. Win-win agreements are the strongest form of agreements, because both sides offer what benefits them to offer, and get something far greater in return. Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreements. Your returns are 10 times, 1000 times or 1000 times what you offer, and you are unlimited as to what you can create.

An understanding of how Universal Law functions is very important, not only for this reason, but because the international government's legal system will be based on Universal Law. How these Laws function is the lessons mankind will be learning forever.

Each of the three inventions can be manufactured in one country, and this can the beginning of unbreakable bonds between these nations. Why would any nation pull out of such an agreement, and why would they choose to go to war if they understood that power games always lead to a loss of power?

Today, if every nation and every individual on the planet had the final functioning version of these three remarkable inventions, how many would be producing power?


The United States declares on our currency that "in God we trust," but the application of the principles is what is important. You can't bring peace by waging war.

Each of our government proposals focuses on the principles that are necessary to understand, so let's start with the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and we will work toward creating a legal system that is based on Universal Law. Let's allow the United States, Iraq and England to start to regain the power everyone lost by waging war.