Saturday, July 23, 2016

As the old stops working, the question becomes, what will work?

When it becomes apparent that what you are doing not only isn't working, but is making the crisis worse, then you must stop and figure out what will work. This goes on forever as we address the glitches segment of the planning process, but for the next ten years or so, mankind will be doing the same thing over and over, letting go of what no longer works on the international level.

There are no international institutions with the capacity to end or prevent wars. Does this mean that mankind is doomed to fight an unending feud?

We always have three choices, to go up, down or straight ahead. To go up is to stand on the principles. To go straight ahead is to ignore the crises and pass them on to future generations, and it takes seven generations to undo the damage. To go down is to rely on the power games, and there is always a backlash to the games, because the games are oppressive.

But what are the principles? We have the right to defend our bodies, our family, our home and nation. The preemptive strike was supposed to be an act of defense from someone who meant us harm. Did it do that?

President Obama is fighting ISIS, trying to support the Iraqis with drones and airstrikes, advising them and turning responsibility over to them for their own defense. That seems to be slowly working in Iraq, but mission creep is getting in the way as he sends in troops to defend our own interests, and the directors of the CIA and the FBI have declared they have found sleeper cells in 90 nations and in every state.  Can the United States juggle 90 conflicts like Syria and Iraq, and protect our own country from internal uprisings? No. We are backed into the proverbial corner.

When we let go of what isn't working, then the question becomes what will work?

The United States is facing another presidential election, and each candidate has a plan for keeping America safe, but will their plans actually work?

Your plan must address the root cause of the crisis or it makes the crisis worse. The root cause of all the crises mankind is facing is the power games that are being played. The games are known as the Seven Deadly Sins, and they are called Deadly because at the ultimate conclusion of the games, someone dies.

No one yet has been able to overcome death. Everyone on the planet plays the games.  The games are oppressive to the people, so rather than to place a judgment on someone, and to wage a war, let's start to battle the games rather than each other.

There is always a backlash to the games. If you grab for power, under Universal Law of Cause and Effect--karma--the Golden Rule---you lose power. This is what we learned from the preemptive strike in Iraq. The power games reached their ultimate conclusion. What should have worked, didn't.

Iraq is a sovereign nation. They have the right to defend themselves from invasion and occupation. They have the right to defend themselves in court.

There is an international court system, but is it working? The problem is that nations do not have to be a signatory of the courts. The United States is not a signatory, and while that strategy may seem to protect us from facing countless cases against us, the anger is rising as the disputes are never resolved. The solution is to address the "overview" court case, which is the preemptive strike on Iraq, and to let go of everything that isn't working based on power games, and create what will work.

Mankind must understand what got us into the crisis. We start with the principles associated with the Battles of Armageddon, which start when one individual stands on the principles and it affects the security and support of another individual, who goes down into the power games.

All of our planning starts with the Exit Strategy for Iraq. No one can bring peace by waging war. War comes from the power game of Pride, which comes from the belief that you lack respect.