Sunday, July 31, 2016

Where true power comes from

This month, we have looked at a synopsis of the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and the issue of where true power comes from.

We haven't yet looked at all the parameters of this crisis. This proposal is actually a U.S. economic stimulus plan that plugs the drain to the Middle East on the US economy, and we won't address all the parameters of this proposal until we look at each step and stage of the planning process, the events and projects.

We are building a foundation for the international government. Each step is like a brick that is being laid, and once you have laid two side by side, then you can start to build up to the next level.

Power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you have done. Power grabs no longer work.

Next month, we start to look at the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal. If the United States lost our power by preemptively striking Iraq, what will it take to get it back?

Our goal at this time is to start to introduce the root cause of the crisis, and to look at a plan that addresses the root cause. We appreciate that the vast majority of the population is dependent on the old structure, and so we must introduce a "preponderance of evidence" to prove what we are saying is actually true. Our first statement is that "you cannot get the life you want by grabbing for power."

We want people to watch for power games, but not to judge them, because we know everyone plays the games.