Saturday, July 30, 2016

The dark cloud on the horizon to the end of the storm

John Adams was an attorney in the 1700s in the colony of Massachusetts. When England put a tax on all legal transactions, because he had to deal with it every day, he recognized the unfairness of it and saw the proverbial dark cloud on the horizon.

He understood the "Father, Mother and Son" concept. He understood the historical setting where England was building its empire, waging war and taxing its colonies to do so, and that the colonies had no recourse to change what was unfair, because the king's government didn't recognize the colonists to be equal to England and the crown. The Stamp Act was a form of taxation without representation, and as an attorney, he understand that the laws didn't always defend the underdog.

He saw this long before others did. He joined a group of people who were trying to find a peaceful solution to the crisis. He was part of the first segment of the population to come into the American Revolution Movement.

What was going through his mind was, "What can I do?"

Today, there is a solution when you see a dark cloud on the horizon, and that is to be drawn into the World Peace Movement. As part of the framework based on the cooperation of nature, all you have to do is to be willing to share your talents and gifts with others who see the same dark cloud on the horizon, and to become part of a project that benefits everyone.

The top row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy  is for those who stand on the principles of the movement, the first 25% of the people to come in. They do because during a Moment of Choice, as they stood on the principles, it triggered the fears of someone who relies on the individual for their security and support, and that person went down into playing the games. A series of battles, known as the Battles of Armageddon followed. To rebuild your financial and family foundation, you go through the World Peace Marketing Strategy, and you are drawn into a project that benefits everyone.

The end of the storm for John Adams was when he was the second president of the United States, and he enacted the Alien and Sedition Act, which was what to do about the last bits of conflict as the people were united as the new nation.

The Alien and Sedition Act wasn't very successful. The conflict ends when everyone is able to get their financial support and security. It took Alexander Hamilton to set up the financial structure of the nation, sharing his expertise to build a solid financial foundation, just as he built his own when he was young. Hamilton was part of the second group to come into the Movement. He came into it when he was affected financially. He was a founding father of the American Revolution Movement, but he fit into the second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy.

The idea for the international government has been introduced and opened to debate, and at this time, the population is segmenting in four parts--five, if you include the children, who are our future.  At this time, there is the paradigm shift that involves the understanding that it is still possible to rise out of the abyss as the storm hits. It is not necessary to wage a revolutionary war. The war is against the power games that people play as they grab for power.

As people see it is possible, they are drawn into the Movement, but they have not made the commitment to participate. It is like a large pool of people who will be drawn into the movement by sharing their talents and gifts. Once the plan becomes policy, one step at a time, the storm will be over.

As the projects are introduced, the ideas will go from the widest perspective to the narrower, from global perspective to the individual. Each project will be like building a huge skyscraper, from an empty plane to a major city. It will continue to grow and expand until every person on the planet is part of the new paradigm.

On the international level, we are first introducing a way for disputes to be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead. The foundation is being laid for the end of conflict and for global prosperity.

Next month we will look at the legal basis for the international court system. John Adams and Alexander Hamilton would approve.