Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Opening Dialogue

The World Peace Plan is in its infancy, with the idea open to debate, but not officially recognized by the governments. They know about the plan, but don't see how it can be established yet. The plan for world peace is huge, and it will take 20 years for it to come about. It is beyond the imagination for most people to comprehend, and so we must take it in small steps, open the ideas to debate.

We continue to correspond with the ambassadors in Washington, DC, to keep them informed of our progress. We do not expect responses, but request only that the interested and involved parties for each proposal come together and open a dialogue about potential of the proposal to solve their nation's problems.

The first issue is the overview crisis, and because it came slowly and in small, logical steps, the solution is not evident. The premise that it is a result of the Iraq War and President Bush's preemptive strike is not commonly accepted by the existing governments.

Today, our efforts within the organization focus on a small group of individuals who were named as potential members of the initial projects teams. They would like to see their projects come about. 

The ideas were opened to debate, but a hostile takeover bid in the form of a character defamation campaign has stalled progress on their projects. The potential independent members are learning about genocides, which on the individual and family levels, and the community level, are manifested in character defamation. We are learning that it is counterproductive to crucify someone you need to be able to create the life you want.