Monday, December 23, 2013

The Professional Publishing Team Making Choices

We have introduced the World Peace Plan to the ambassadors in Washington, DC and to the Whitehouse, but before they will accept the plan, one event must occur, and that fixes this proposal in the minds of the people. That is the publishing of a book, “A Manual for Peace.”

Before that will be accepted for publishing by a professional publisher, a mini-book must be published, and that is “The World Peace Plan.” It is a colaboration between five entities, and it was sent out to prospective independent members several years ago. Then came the character defamation campaign, and the question arose of who wrote the books. That is what we are addressing now.

It comes down to a series of tests for a long list of individuals, who are part of a team. The last person decides whether the team will assume the role and join the organization. If one steps out, it triggers the rest to take on the role, but doesn't reach its full potential.

The last thing is to address what is in everyone's best interest. If the team members choose not to participate, the opportunity ends, and they are stuck with their choices.