Friday, December 6, 2013

The Rationale for the U.S. Constitutional Amendment

President George W. Bush waged war against a sovereign nation against the intent of the U.N. Charter to prevent unprovoked attacks. In the eyes of the world, it is an illegal war, and the United States is responsible for ending it. To regain the power we lost, we must undo the damage we did there.

The Iraq War evolved not as a war, but a genocide. The conflict started years before with President George H.W. Bush and the Gulf War. That was the precursor for his son, George W. Bush, to judge Saddam Hussein to be “Axis of Evil,” and to take action against him with the preemptive strike. 

The judgment against Saddam Hussein was an act of revenge, which drew in the Coalition nations, who were offered lucrative contracts.  That drew in the world leaders to weave an illusion to maintain their power base, declaring they are allies in the War on Terror. That brought in the terrorists, which justified the war. With acts of revenge, all the parties appear to have the same goal, which was the attack on Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but the revenge is just a means to an end, and in fact, none have the same goal, and work to undermine the ones who brought them in.

The ripples of crises that flowed out from the conflict drew every person on the planet in some way into the crisis. The games are oppressive to the people. The power game of regime change was tolerated for a while, but once it was played on an innocent man—Saddam Hussein was attempting to comply with U.S. sanction—the game reached its ultimate conclusion, which was the exact opposite result.  President Bush lost power, started a civil war and no one gained control of Iraq’s oil reserves.

The United States must start the process to end the conflict by offering to all the people on the planet what they lack, which is the right to live our lives without interference. To regain our power base, we must stand on the seven principles of equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance. How this is done is by supporting the creation of the international government, making all nations equal and guaranteeing to every person on the planet the same rights every American is guaranteed under our Constitution.