Friday, December 6, 2013

We Are Not One, We Are Backwards

With each proposal there comes a bundle of published materials, planning, projects and events. 
  1. The proposal opens the idea to debate. 
  2. The “Track Our Progress” planning enables readers to see that it is possible to bring the concept to fruition with a series of simple and logical stages and steps. 
  3. The published materials address the principles and the application of the principles, and explain the information in language suitable for the average person to understand. 
  4. The projects and events carry the idea forward, drawing everyone into the process. 
  5. The spin off concepts that come from these proposals must stand on the same principles for them to work, but anyone is welcome to take the idea further.

The proposals for 2012 are online, and for the last two years, the potential independent members of the organization have been dealing with the crises, doing their projects by default rather than by intent. They have not seen the proposals as the solution to their crisis yet, nor that by joining the organization they will be able to address their crisis by just applying their talents and gifts. The solution is simple and logical, but they are 180 degrees from where they think they are, and they don’t see it. What they are doing just keeps making the crisis worse.

The idea for the proposed international government has reached the world leaders, and has been talked about, also, but no one knows how to take it to the next level. It is the responsibility of our independent members to take the first step, to demonstrate the potential of the plan on the individual level, but all have been drawn into the chaos of the hostile takeover bid.

Our focus continues to be on ending the genocide within the organization, and the ripples that continue to spread out from it. It takes one person to stand up to say, “stop,” but he has been drawn into the chaos, and running around attempting to stop the chaos. Once he comes in to participate in the organization, he will draw in the next proposal, which is the U.S. Constitutional Amendment.

This is a movement, and the second person to come into the movement is just as important as the first. Eventually, every person on the planet will be part of the movement.