Monday, December 2, 2013

Leave No One Out

For world peace to come, there must be more than a plan. There must be a way to implement the plan on a global scale. How this is done is by demonstration, by first introducing the idea and opening it to debate, then by demonstrating the concept on a smaller scale and offering others the opportunity to observe, and finally turning responsibility over to those who have the credibility and power to take the idea globally and to make it an act of law.

Our organization does not have the right to do more than to introduce the idea and to open it to debate, but because the same events occur on the individual level and within families, we can demonstrate the principles to prove they are valid.

Our first plan is to end disputes between families because this is what is occurring on every level. To apply this, we are offering the idea first that by participation in the creation of the proposed international government, that no one will be left out of the benefits and everyone will be treated fairly and equally. The international government must be based on a flat hierarchy concept or no one will choose to participate. No one will agree to one individual or one nation having supreme power.