Saturday, December 21, 2013

Professional Publishing Team

The idea for the proposed international government has gone out. People all over the world are aware of the plan. They know it exists, but don't know how to bring it about.

If you look into the Track Our Progress planning, you will see that the first people to come in are not the governments, but the professional publishing team. With their involvement, the principles and the application of the principles are solidly fixed in the minds of the people. It is as if the books are promises, and no one will accept anything less.

World peace is a huge subject, and possibly the most general concept on the planet. Wars occur in various locations, but in some way, every person on the planet must be involved with world peace. If everyone is involved, there is no resistance.

What is taking so long is not that it is impossible to create. Half the population of the planet have prayed for peace, and now it can come. It it is that half of the population of the planet have been oppressed by the other half, and the "other half" believe they have all the power, which includes oppressing others who don't like the oppression one bit.

The issue of conflict resolution must be addressed. For conflict resolution, the first requirement is that both sides must be seen as equal, and then an event must come along that requires the conflict to end.

What makes both sides equal now is that as the oppressors play their power games, the games backlash, and instead of gaining power, they lose power. What should have worked with their power grab no longer does.

This sets the stage for the event that comes along that makes conflict resolution necessary or at least a very good idea.

The introduction of the World Peace Plan can make people reconsider their application of the power games.

The next step for conflict resolution is that all people involved must assume responsibility for their actions. That allows everyone to start to regain their power, but the problem with that is the definition of power.

Coming soon is a book that is still in progress, "The Secret of Power." Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Karen Holmes,