Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Is It Taking So Long?

Our first focus is ending the global genocide. The preemptive strike on Iraq sent out ripples of effects that are eventually drawing in every person on the planet. It was a character defamation campaign on Saddam Hussein, which is an individual-level genocide. We are applying the same steps and stages of the first column of the Track Our Progress planning for 2012 on the individual and family level to demonstrate its potential to end genocides on all levels. 

The first proposal is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, which is actually a U.S. economic stimulus plan that enables the United States to gracefully withdraw from the conflict, and sets the stage for the creation of an international court system to handle disputes between nations, and for the United States to address failed foreign and economic policy, which leads to our second proposal, the Constitutional Amendment proposal.

Each of the independent members of the organization and his or her family is parallel to a country or an institution. I am parallel to Saddam Hussein, and my family is parallel to Iraq. I have been dealing with a character defamation campaign, also, and enduring covert and overt actions as he did. The purpose for this is that as I resolve the crisis in my own life and within my family, I can speak from personal experience to advise on the resolution of the global genocide that has come as the result of the preemptive strike on Iraq.

The Crisis in Iraq was an act of revenge, which combines five power games—Pride (war),  Envy (genocide), Greed (massacres), Lust (slavery and human rights violations), and Anger (terrorism). When someone believes that he or she has the right to put another down, it draws in those who believe they have the right to judge another, and so on. Ripple after ripple of crises go out from the center point, just as in Iraq.

Acts of revenge come to a relative conclusion because inherent in the act, even on the global level, is the fact that none of the perpetrators has the same goal, and will eventually undermine the one who brought him or her into the act. But, as the power games of Pride, Greed and Anger reach their ultimate conclusion, the two games based on weaving an illusion--genocide and slavery, continue on.

The knee-jerk response that ends a war only makes a genocide worse. To end a genocide, it takes someone to stand up to defend the individual who is being judged, but that individual, if he or she stands in protest, must have a voice that is regarded, and therefore a plan that benefits everyone. 

The  U.S. legal system premise that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty is important because you cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives, and therefore character defamation campaigns, and it is very difficult to discern the truth when so much illusion is being waged and reinforced as others are draw into the illusion. The crisis devolves and twists and turns as the perpetrators segue from game to game, such as slander leading to the game of Greed to gain control of resources and assets.

I am standing up to defend Saddam Hussein, and offering the plan for world peace, and setting the stage for the creation of the international Local Court system to handle disputes between nations, based on the creation of the proposed international government. As I do so, the man whose family is parallel to the United States has been dealing with the ramifications of the Iraq Crisis within his own life and his family, and his application of the solution sets the stage for the next family to come into the process, like dominoes falling.

The Track Our Progress planning takes the resolution of the crisis step by step, and we can see it is simple and logical steps to take, but also monumental efforts on the part of those who are attempting to resolve the crisis. 

For the family that is suffering from a crisis, the solution promoted in the proposal is the one opportunity to function on a higher level. Other may grab for the solution, but will suffer a backlash. Grabs for power always eventually lead to a loss of power. Those who are weaving the illusion through corruption are doing so to slow the progress of the inevitable.

In creating the plan for the international government, our focus will continue to shift from family to family until all of the 200 independent members of our organization have demonstrated the potential of the solutions offered in the proposals, and the planet is at peace.

Karen Holmes,