Friday, December 27, 2013

Crisis Center and Tent Tour--Solving Problems

A constitution sets up a government. when the world leaders come together to formally start work on the creation of the international government, they must write a new constitution.

For the United States to join in the drive to create the proposed international government, we must amend our constitution to create an additional layer of government. This is a structural change, and our organization recommends that we return to the practices of our Founding Fathers, who gathered in conventions to debate the proposal. Because world peace must come from the people, when the people have evolved to the point that we demand changes, we are calling for an Article V amendment convention, which closely approximates the idea of debate in conventions.

Our Founding Fathers included four paths to amend the Constitution. One path--the Article V route--has never been successfully achieved. The Article V amendment convention calls for the 34 State legislatures to petition Congress to hold the convention, and then once everyone agrees to the bill, for 38 State legislatures to ratify the amendment. It is up to the people to go to their State legislatures to get their support.

Until this time, Congress has not been willing to hand over power to the States, but with a 10% approval rating, many judges and constitutional scholars say this is the time for the Article V route to be employed.

For the States to agree to the plan, the plan must solve their problems. The World Peace Plan must solve the problems in every level, starting with the individual level.

So, our first step is to get the Crisis Center started to solve the crises that came as the result of the power games and the games of illusion that have been played, and then to work to solve the problems on the community level. When we have done that within our own families, organization and town, we will demonstrate the potential of the plan to solve the problems on the state-wide level, also, with our Tent Tour.

While this is occurring, all Americans are encouraged to debate the overview concept, which is the creation of the international government.

While America is making the steps to amend the Constitution, we will continue to offer solutions based on the plan to the ambassadors in Washington, DC.